Founder, Byron Landeryou

Founder – Byron Landeryou, currently contracts to the Master Builders of Victoria, where he is teaching waterproofing and assisting in the course and resource re-development of their current Industry leading waterproofing courses. These courses are specifically designed at preparing builders in appropriate design and implementation of waterproofing systems and processes.

Formerly employed at one of Australia’s leading Certificate III Construction waterproofing courses, his role entailed co-teaching, course developer and practical simulation work space designer. Having access to multiple product manufacturers and various sheet and liquid membrane applied systems through his trade teaching.

This combination of repetitious teaching and learning has given Waterproof Awareness insight from both spectrum’s of the industry. Allowing for a holistic consultation service which is rare within the waterproofing industry.

Byron is one of few experienced Waterproofing & Tiling consultants in Australia with extensive knowledge and 20 years experience in under-tile waterproofing design, installation and teaching. As well as fault identification and appropriate rectification processes.

While having access to multiple product manufacturers and systems through his trade teaching, Byron still maintains industry currency by immersing himself within the industry to improve the current inadequate level of knowledge of correct waterproofing design and installation.

In conjunction with assisting the urgent need for public guidance, Waterproof Awareness is available to educate the industry via elite training and plug the many holes in the construction waterproofing industry.

Waterproof Awareness is working closely with the Australian Institute of Waterproofing to help improve the quality of waterproofing processes and make your home safe to live in.

Did You Know?

Mould infestation can occur within 48 hours on damp or water damaged materials and may required chemical treatment for safe removal.

Get correct expert advice and make your home safe to live in.

Waterproof Awareness aims to improve the current inadequate level of knowledge of correct waterproofing design and installation.



  • What I have since discovered is that many of the contractors do not undergo extensive training in what is an area that is the number one cause of failures and defects.
  • We need to change and educate all Builders and trades people on site if we want to provide a quality and safe property for home owners and tenants.
  • After completing the training and working alongside Byron on my current project, I, along with many of my fellow registered builders who completed the course realised just how much knowledge we lacked.